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    The health benefits of Vitamin C, Zinc and Copper

    If you're looking for an easy way to help boost your overall health, supplements are a fantastic way to do it. Three of the most popular types used to regulate overall health include vitamin c, zinc and copper. But what benefits do they truly provide?

    Benefits of Vitamin C

    Vitamin c has huge benefits for our health, however, it's what's known as an essential vitamin, meaning our body doesn't produce it on its own. Vitamin c is a powerful antioxidant that helps boost our immune system. We get most of our vitamin c through the fruits and vegetables we eat, although this doesn't necessarily provide us with high enough levels of the vitamin. Many turn to supplements to reach the optimum 75 mg daily intake. Even for those with a plant-based diet, it's recommended to up your dose through supplementation.

    Benefits of Zinc

    Zinc is another essential nutrient we have to get from food or supplements. Zinc helps to support a healthy metabolism, digestion, nerve function and even your skin health. Foods that contain the highest levels of zinc include a variety of meats, fish and other animal products. This makes it tricky for vegetarian and vegan diets to pick up their zinc levels, and this in extreme cases can lead to zinc deficiency. A deficiency can lead to decreased immunity, mood disturbances and even fertility problems. For these reasons, vegetarians and vegans are encouraged to increase their levels of zinc through daily supplements.

    Benefits of Copper

    Copper is a mineral we also must provide for our bodies, it is found in some food but most popularly ingested through supplements. Copper and iron help form the red blood cells in our bodies, this helps to maintain healthy bones and immune function. Once again a deficiency of copper is rare but can lead to anaemia and thyroid problems. Most fruits and vegetables are low in copper, and higher volumes of the mineral are typically found in meat and fish.

    For vegans whose diet relies on plant-based foods, it can be hard to take in enough copper. Vegan supplements prove the ideal solution to keep copper levels at their optimum.