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    Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D For Weight Loss?

    It's widely known that vitamin D is the ‘sunshine vitamin’ and associated with being outdoors. Which means that in the colder months when we stay largely inside, it can be in short supply. This makes it more important than ever to find ways to get extra vitamin D from a healthy diet.

    Perhaps what is less understood, is why vitamin D is so important and the side effects from not getting enough!

    The importance of this vitamin

    Vitamins are substances that the body cannot create naturally. Therefore, they come from food, beverages and supplements.

    So in fact, vitamin D is a prohormone. It is something the body can produce (from sun exposure), just not always in sufficient quantities.

    Vitamin D plays an important role in essential bodily functions, including building healthy bones and teeth. It supports your immune system and helps you fight certain diseases, including type 1 diabetes.

    Poor levels of vitamin D have also been linked to low mood.

    It is even significant in lung and cardiovascular functioning. Clearly, D is an all-round good guy!

    Lack of vitamin D can cause serious health issues, including a failure to properly process calcium. This creates malformations such brittle bones in children and poor bone density and strength in adults.

    People lacking in vitamin D can be more prone to both bacterial and viral infections, including flu!

    How to boost Vitamin D levels via food

    Among the best sources are seafood and fatty fish – like salmon and mackerel – and some dairy products, including eggs. Mushrooms can be a rich source too. Some foods are fortified with vitamins, including D.

    Why is vitamin D important to weight loss?

    There are scientific studies being conducted to explore this further. However, there appears to be a correlation between a healthy level of vitamin D and being able to manage your weight better. That's why Xdralean® Fat Burner contains Vitamin D.

    This could be due to the way calcium is processed and the part vitamin D plays in appetite regulation.


    Making sure you get enough vitamin D should be part of your daily routine anyway. Having a healthy diet generally supports weight loss, weight management and health and wellbeing.

    Proper nutrition is also to maximising weight loss enhancement. The better balanced your body function is, the better able you are to develop your ideal shape and grow body confidence.