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Vitamin D Test Kit UK

Vitamin D Test Kit UK ( 6 Tips To Find The Best One)

by Eric Sales De Andrade, May 19th 2021

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post, although it may contain affiliate links.

Are you looking to buy the best Vitamin D Test Kit UK but not sure where to start?

Maybe you’re experiencing symptoms of Vitamin D deficiencies and learnt in a FB community that you should check your levels.

Or perhaps you don’t have any symptoms but looking to stay proactive.

Getting a Vitamin D blood test at the NHS can be a challenge in itself.

So, people have turned to private companies to test their levels and stay informed.

But, with so many companies mushrooming up in the last couple of years, how in the world do you choose one?

They all claim to have the best quality, labs, 24×7 support, cost — everything.

I’ve been learning about Vitamin D for over 5 years and working with top nutritionists and doctors.

During this time I’ve learnt how Vitamin testing is best done and levels improved.

In this article, I’ll share the Top 6 tips to consider when choosing a Vitamin D Test Kit UK so you can get the best value for money and an accurate result.

I’ll also recommend some companies that are doing a fabulous job with testing and what to do with your results.

First, let’s take a look at why you’d want to test in the first place.

Why Do A Vitamin D Home Test?

So why should you do a Vitamin D home test?

Can’t you wait until you have a deficiency and then rush to the NHS?

To say that Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are painful would be an understatement.

From chronic fatigue to insomnia, bone pain, poor sexual health, cramps in your legs.

A Vitamin D deficiency is painful and uncomfortable.

A report from the British Nutrition Foundation shows that about 1 in 5 people in the UK have low Vitamin D levels.

With the NHS currently overwhelmed due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, it’s hard to spend resources on non-critical deficiencies.

During winter, this can often leave you vulnerable.

Most people are deficient during this time (due to the lack of sunshine).

Another reason why it’s a good idea is that your GP may not be well trained to handle Vitamin D deficiencies.

Vitamin deficiencies are handled by haematologists and it’s a specific field of medicine.

While GPs are what the name suggests (General Practitioners).

Vitamin testing companies are specialised in proactively detecting (and addressing) low Vitamin D.

Besides this, it’s also convenient to do a home test and the data is useful in maintaining and tracking your levels over time.

The NHS does not generally release your results rather states “deficient” or not.

Doing frequent checks gives you confidence in your lifestyle, nutrition and habits.

<show examples of people who have proactively done tests and detected it>

Testing Vitamin D At Home

You can see why it’s helpful and convenient to test your Vitamin D levels at home.

Can You Test Your Vitamin D Levels At Home?

Yes, you can test your Vitamin D levels at home.

Companies offer Vitamin D home test kits where you need to draw a blood sample onto a palette via a finger prick and post it to the lab in a prepaid envelope.

Results are available via a secure app with follow up advice on how to correct it.

How Much Does A Vit D Blood Test Cost?

A Vitamin D blood test generally starts at around £30.

There may be some cheaper options that cost less than £10 you can buy from Amazon but may not be as good or accurate.

They also often don’t come with support. Most accreditated or reputable companies cost in the region of £30 — £50.

How To Choose The Best Vitamin D Test Kit UK (6 Tips)

So let’s go into the core of the article, how to select a good Vitamin D Test Kit UK

How do you differentiate between the various offers on the table and choose the best one for you?

To help answer this, I turned to other people to see what influenced their decisions to buy Vitamin D test kits.

After posting polls in a few FB groups, I ended up with 49 votes.

Let’s see what they said.


Vitamin D Home Testing Kit UK - Poll (FB Group)


Vitamin D Home Testing Kit UK - Poll (Reddit)

1. Cost

As you can see in the polls above, 17 out of the 49 people who responded, said Cost was their biggest deciding factor.

That’s a good 34.6%.

In countries where healthcare is free or subsidized, people are not used to paying for medical advice.

A Vitamin D home test kit can cost anywhere from £30 for a basic one to £60+ for a more advanced one.

It’s often more if it involves a nurse visit to your house.

You can buy Vitamin D home tests on Amazon for less than £10 but I’d question the authenticity and validity of the results.

Most companies will offer you a good discount on your first Vitamin D home test so do take advantage of the offer.

For example, LetsGetChecked are offering a hefty 20% off your first Vitamin D, B12 or Essentials test by using the code “NUTRIVY21”.

These labs partner with other supplement companies and social media influencers.

They’re often generous with deals so keep an eye out for a good discount.

Of course, this goes without saying, if you’re deficient and need a test done ASAP, don’t wait for a deal. You should get a test done with the highest priority.

Tip: — Search for coupon codes or vouchers on your first test. If you can’t find any, just ask.

2. Reviews, Recommendations And Testimonials

Coming in at a close second in our poll, 15 out of 49 people said they relied on trusted reviews and recommendations.

This goes without saying that we value what other people value.

It’s not surprising that if your friend or family member recommended a brand, you are very likely to trust it.

Check for unbiased reviews, testimonials from previous customers.

You can find these in Trustpilot, Google Reviews, YouTube review videos, recommendations in FB groups and Reddit.

Blogs like this one also explore the top brands so don’t hesitate to read a few and pick the best company, you find fit.

Lastly (and often overlooked), don’t hesitate to ask your friends or family.

You may be surprised how many people are deficient and have taken a Vitamin D test.

Tip: — Read trusted reviews on Trustpilot, Google, YouTube, Blogs, get recommendations from FB groups, Reddit, family and friends.

3. Time To Get Your Results

As the 3rd most important factor we have a timeframe. 9 out of 49 people said the timeframe was important to them.

How long it takes to get your test result?

Most companies take between 2–5 working days to analyse your blood sample and give you the result.

Some also have a 24-hour premium service.

Pick a company that clearly mentions the timeframe on the website.

If you need to know your results ASAP, pick the quickest one.

Tip: — If you need results ASAP, choose the company with the quickest timeframe. If you can wait a bit, find a compromise between cost and time.

4. Expertise, Experience and Affiliations

In our poll, 5 people out of 49 thought expertise, experience and affiliations were important.

Most of the companies will have CAP and ISO accreditation and CLIA certifications.

If this doesn’t make much sense, don’t worry.

Just keep in mind these are industry governing bodies who check the labs, procedures and processes to make sure these organizations meet high standards.

Genuinely recognised affiliations with the NHS and other medical bodies are also a sign of expertise.

Tip: — Look for proven expertise, experience and affiliations with trusted organizations like the NHS.

5. Data Security and Sharing

The introduction of the General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR) act in 2018 allows you as a consumer to control who can and cannot see your data.

Companies need to follow GDPR and treat customer data with the utmost respect.

Most companies will keep your data secure and not share it with anyone.

Whether for marketing purposes, the NHS, insurance companies or a GP without your explicit approval.

But still, check for mentions of privacy when choosing a company.

Tip: — Confirm data security and privacy of your results

6. 24×7 Help and Support

If you struggle with finger pricks, this may be the one for you.

Companies now have helpful content on their website and social media showing exactly how to take a blood sample.

The entire process is documented in video, text and even braille form.

But some people still need help.

Companies have also set up 24×7 call centres and Live Chat with trained experts to help you at any time.

What’s even better, is that many companies even offer a free consultation with a doctor or trained nurse after the test, to discuss your results.

Tip: — Look for a company that offers 24×7 support and free consultation after the test.

Recommended Vitamin D Testing Kit Companies

So, we’ve spoken a lot about how to choose the best Vitamin D test kit UK based on the 6 key factors above.

I really hope it helped you understand the things you need to look for when buying a Vitamin D Test Kit.

What are some top companies to check out?

Although we haven’t personally tested these ourselves, here are some that our customers have used and people recommended in FB groups.

What To Do After A Vitamin D Levels Test?

Once you’ve done a Vitamin D levels test, you should receive your results via a secure app or dashboard.

Depending on the company you use, Vitamin D results may show in nmol/L or ng/mL.

As a next step, you can check out the Vitamin D Levels Chart UK to understand your results and How To Fix low Vitamin D.

Note on B12, Iron, Other Important Vitamins & Minerals

Just a quick note, alongside Vitamin D it’s also a good idea to test other Vitamins or Minerals that are often eluded in your diet.

Vitamin B12 (which comes from meat, fish, egg) is a big one that affects people who live a vegan lifestyle.

Vitamin B12 is important for the nervous system, red blood cells and supporting the production of DNA.

Some other important compounds to check for are Iron (Ferritin), Folate and Omega 3, 6, 9.

Essential Vitamins Phone Picture

Image from LetsGetChecked


I hope this article helped you learn how to choose the best Vitamin D Testing Kit UK.

It’s important to proactively check your Vitamin D levels.

This avoids painful deficiency symptoms and you’ll have confidence in your diet and lifestyle.

You can easily test Vitamin D levels at home with a simple finger prick blood sample and receive results within days.

Look for discounts, coupons, vouchers, read reviews and get recommendations from friends, family and FB groups.

If you are deficient, meet with your GP to correct your levels as soon as possible to avoid chronic illness.

Being proactive, taking control and staying accountable will pay you massive dividends later down the line.

Your next step,

Join our Vitamin D Fan Club — a private Facebook group.

Here you’ll connect with fellow health lovers and learn all things Vitamin D, all things natural supplements.


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