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    Success Stories

    Stephanie lost 31 lbs with Xdralean®*


    Steph's Transformation Story

    I started Xdralean® because I was overweight following the birth of our second child. I didn't feel confident and that made mental wellbeing suffer, so I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change.

    My daily routine is completely different now. In the morning I drop my son off at school and then head to the gym for either a cardio or weights work out. Sometimes i will do a class like Zumba or Boxercise, but i prefer to take things at my pace and on my schedule.

    I used to feel very uncomfortable in the gym, but now I actually enjoy working out. My whole diet has changed too. Getting started with healthy eating is tough, we all love the food we know are bad for us, but after only a few weeks of eating healthily i felt so much better - headaches went, brain fog went, i felt more energized.

    Now I look forward to eating healthy, balanced meals and snacks every single day because i know it means I'm getting results. I used to feel hungry when i started, but that is where Xdralean saved me!  

    I consistently lost weight, and I liked the energy Xdralean® gave me for my workouts and new daily routine. It suppressed my cravings and even when i did treat myself to some chocolate, it was only a small amount which was just right. 

    I am now the women who I always wanted to be.

    I am happy, healthy, confident and so excited for my new lifestyle. For the first time in my life, the inside matches the outside. I was hiding before, but I’m not hiding anymore. 

    I would recommend Xdralean a million times over!

    To anyone just beginning, I would say stick with it. Stay consistent and you’ll see results with Xdralean, because it really works!



    Stephanie used Xdralean® Fat Burner with a healthy diet, regular exercise and was remunerated.