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why I started nutrivy

5 Reasons Why I Started A Health Supplement Company

by Eric Sales De Andrade (Founder, Nutrivy), February 23rd 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Let’s agree, there’s no shortage of health supplements on the market.

In-fact 2 out of every 3 people in the UK take a health supplement with multi-vitamins being the most consumed, followed by Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

With a rising demand in an industry that’s expected to cross £500m by end of 2021 (also due to the pandemic), it’s no surprise this has attracted a lot of companies driven by the prospect of easy profits.

Moreover, Amazon has made it incredibly easy to start a health supplement brand.

All you need is find a manufacturer, design a label and boom! you’re in business with very little capital.

When the prospect of easy profit is high, your health is not always a top priority.

That’s not the case with Nutrivy.

It took us over a year to formulate our first product  – Organic Turmeric Complex and 6 months to formulate our second  – Vegan Vitamin D3 & K2 Complex.

In this post and video, I go into more detail about the

5 Reasons WHY I started a Health Supplement Company.

1. Honesty & Trust

Honesty and Trust in the health industry are at an all-time low.

When I looked around to buy health supplements, I found it incredibly difficult to distinguish between the products that were good and products that were mediocre.

Getting a health supplement company off the ground today is as easy as buying it from a manufacturer, label/brand it and put it on Amazon.

Most people buying health supplements today buy them off reviews or word of mouth recommendations. That’s an area I wanted to impact and create products that were recommendable in themselves as quality and do what they say they’re gonna do.

2. Formulation and Bioavailability

If you know anything about Health Supplements there are certain active ingredients and inactive ingredients.

The bioavailability is how easy is it for your body to absorb a vitamin or supplement.

A lot of the products on the market do not have highly bioavailable products with complementary ingredients.

Examples include fat-soluble vitamins including a fat source and water-soluble vitamins in strong enough doses to meet your daily intake.

This is an area I believed I could improve on so I went out and contacted about 70 nutritionists hoping at least one would work with me to formulate more bioavailable products.

I also contacted 30 manufacturers to understand what it takes to make these products and assess it’s economic viability.

That’s how I went about it and ultimately came up with 2 brilliant products that have been well praised and recommended.

3. Sustainability and Vegan

A lot of health supplements especially Vitamin D contain animal ingredients like Lanolin (an oil from Sheep’s Skin), Gelatin and Bovine fat.

It’s bad enough that some of us consume meat or dairy as part of our diet and support the animal industry, but its a lot easier to switch to vegan supplements.

The first rule of formulation for me at Nutrivy is that all products need to be vegan and made from sustainable ingredients.

4. No Synthetic Ingredients

Vitamins are made up of active ingredients (the actual vitamin) and non-active ingredients (binders, fillers, flow agents).

The non-active ingredients are often synthetic (made from chemicals) and I found no reason that we should ingest those ingredients.

My principle was to replace the synthetics with natural alternatives or eliminate them completely where possible.

For e.g. replacing a flow agent with NuFlow (a rice concentrate).

Also, it was important the products didn’t contain allergens like soy, gluten, dairy, wheat, shellfish and GMOs.

It’s 100% possible to create high-quality health supplements without allergens, synthetic fillers and animal derivates whatsoever.

5. I / We really care about your health

Unlike a lot of companies out there, Nutrivy and me personally really care about your health.

We’re a strong advocate for supplements but only when you need to supplement them. The key message is in the name “supplements”.

Supplements are no substitute for a wholemeal or healthy diet and lifestyle. What they are basically, is to fill in the gaps when you feel you’re lacking certain important vitamins.

They supplement your diet in a way that ensures you get the correct nutrients and active vitamins that you don’t get in food.

For us in the Northern Hemisphere, it could mean taking Vitamin D during winter when we lack sunshine or taking Vitamin C when you don’t eat oranges or B12 when you don’t eat meat.

It’s really taking vitamins when you feel you lack them and being in full control of your diet.

Also constantly checking your levels to ensure you’re not deficient in any of the key vitamin that could negatively influence your health and make you sick.

Final Thoughts

These are the 5 core principles on which I built Nutrivy.

We remind ourselves of these principles in whatever we do — whether it’s writing a blog post, running an ad or formulating a new product.

It helps me remember why I started this company and how I can serve my customers better.

I hope you found this post useful, inspirational and it motivates you to take action and look after your health.

Check out the video version of this post on YouTube here.


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